The Jewish Museum

Exhibition advertising, out-of-home, video production, social media


Develop a campaign that inspires downtown contemporary art enthusiasts to come uptown and see the Kehinde Wiley exhibition at The Jewish Museum–on an extremely limited budget.



Instead of fragmenting the campaign across traditional print and digital advertising, we focused the entire budget on a single hand-painted urban wallscape that brought the artist’s intricate, colorful work to life at massive scale on Houston Street.  We also shot a video of the wallscape production process including an interview with the artist, which we released online via social media channels.


The project was covered by the Wall Street Journal, Complex, Gallerist and over 50 art news and general interest websites, and the museum saw a 20% lift in attendance for the show. 


Wiley felt this campaign was a “muscular, dynamic approach to putting artwork out in the world.”  We couldn’t agree more.