StringBean Technologies

BRAND positioninG, Logo & IDENTITY, website, Sales Collateral


Create a positioning, identity and brand message for a Facilities Management technology startup named “StringBean.” 


Facilities management is complex, stringbeans are simple, familiar and fresh.


Leverage the simplicity of the name to sell the product benefits.  

StringBean streamlines facilities management and provides building owners with an intuitive app that assigns work, tracks completion, generate automated reporting, and ensures buildings are compliant for regulatory & insurance audits.

To tell their story and impart the company name with meaning, we positioned StringBean as “A Fresh Idea in Facilities Management.”

We created a tech-forward brand identity, crafted language and graphics to explain StringBean’s features and individualized benefits, and crafted an investor deck to help secure funding.  We also created sales collateral and a responsive website to help launch the service and drive online lead generation.    

Click above image to visit website

Click above image to visit website

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