For Freedoms

Brand positioning, Art Direction, print, Out-of-home & digital advertising, social media, Art Installation

For Freedoms – a non-partisan, artist-led super PAC founded by Hank Willis Thomas – raised money to run advertising that used art to engage the public in a critical dialogue about broader issues facing our country during the fractured 2016 election cycle. 

In addition to adapting art that was donated to the super PAC to run as advertising, we created the bold, graphic “Let’s Discuss” campaign to get voters talking. 

We also created an art installation on global incarceration rates to highlight the issue of U.S. prison reform.  The 16’ x 10’ piece – titled “Land of the Free” – was shown at the Rock the Vote Truth to Power show that took place concurrent with the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia.

“BUTTHEADS” billboard for the 50 State Initiative (Oct. 2018)

“BUTTHEADS” billboard for the 50 State Initiative (Oct. 2018)

Let's Discuss_Abortion
Let's Discuss_Guns
Let's Discuss_Weed
Installation at NYU Tisch School

Installation at NYU Tisch School


Armory Show VIP Kit
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